Hometown: White Sulphur Springs, NY
Birthdate: May 29, 1996
Drives: 2007 KCS
Hobbies Other than Racing: Softball, Country Music (concerts), cosmetology
Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys (she named her dog Dallas)
Of Interest: Kimberly donated a portion of her race winnings in honor of fallen sled driver Danny Cerio; $50 to the first bike/sled to lose first round with the closest light to .500 going red; in turn, the winning driver donated back to the track in honor of Dan's father's request to start a project of improving lighting at the ESTA dragstrip for safety.

2012 Achievements:


  • 6/10/12 - Runner-up
  • 6/24/12 - Winner
  • Currently third place in points at ESTA as of 8/24/12


  • Winner on 7/16/12 (Chad Wilcox Memorial Race), 6/9/12, 6/2/12, and winner of best appearing car in Jr. Dragster shootout out of approximately 28 cars
  • In 2011, Kimberly won the prestigious IHRA Ironman trophy and also won her first NHRA Wally as well


Kimberly has run for the last 3 years at Mason Dixon Dragway for the Northeastern Conference Finals and also in 2012 went to the Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol TN for the first time.
Kimberly comes from a family full of racers including her grandfather Howie Conklin, who races with us most weekends; Ron Klein, her dad, who raced stock cars from the time he was a teenager and has drag races snowmobiles for the last 5 years; her mom Chrissy Klein, who has drag raced snowmobiles for the last 4 years and last year was the first woman to win a bike/sled championship at ESTA Dragstrip last year; and her little brother Ron Klein, Jr. who races a junior dragster every weekend with Kimberly.  Ron Jr. won two Wally's in 2011 in one weekend!